Custom In-House Synthesis and Fine Chemicals

ChymiCo offers you a custom chemcial synthesis service upon your request. Either miligram or kilogram, we supply chemicals you requested with full characterization data at competitive prices. Our team presents its academic background and synthetic knowledge in order to satisfy our customers needs. 


In-House Chemical Synthesis

  •  Multi-step organic molecule synthesis
  • Fine chemicals, specialized organics
  • Natural product extraction, purification
  •  Active pharmaceutical synthesis
  • Pharmaceutical intermediates or precursor synthesis
  • Asymmetric molecule synthesis
  • Organometallic synthesis  and organometallic compound synthesis
  • Chiral Resolution
  • Harmful and hazardous chemical synthesis
  • Catalyst synthesis 
  • Chiral ligand synthesis
  • Reference compounds

Characterization & Analyses

Any chemical you get will have full characterization data including; MS, NMR (H, C, N, P, F), GC, IR, Absorbtion, Emission or Fluorescence Spectrum, XRD, EDX and further analysis you requested.